Smoke Justis smokes our meat on site. From our specially made brats and metts to our pork, turkey, chicken, and brisket. We take pride in knowing the right time and temperature that smokes our meats to perfection! Any you will want to try our Smoked Wings!

Smoking is the process of flavoring, browning, cooking, or preserving food by exposing it to smoke from burning or smoldering material, most often wood. Smoking is a process where you cook your meat with very low heat. See the difference between smoking, barbecuing, and grilling by heat…

  • Smoking – very low heat (68-176° F) for 1 hour to 2 weeks depending on temp
  • Barbecuing – low heat (190 – 300° F) for a few hours
  • Grilling – high heat (400-550° F) for just a few minutes

About Smoke Justis

Smoke Justis is Covington’s Sports Bar and features smoked meats, craft beer, whiskey, and a video arcade with self pouring draft beer taps. In the warmer months, Smoke Justis has outdoor dining around the perimeter of the historic “Citizen’s Telephone building”. The outside walls are filled with large windows to the outside and the inside walls are covered with flat-screen TV’s to watch your favorite sports team! Located in the Roebling Point District at the end of the Roebling Bridge in Covington, Kentucky, Smoke Justis is just a block and a bridge from Downtown Cincinnati. Sports fans fill the streets before going to the Reds or Bengals games. Stop by Smoke Justis to watch a game and enjoy the casual atmosphere while tasting some of the best smoked wings in Greater Cincinnati!
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